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Time to Clean Out That Makeup Drawer

Are you aware of what the shelf life is for your most common makeup products? I know often we can be so proud of making a product last for so long, or we covet a certain shade that is no longer available and cannot be replaced.  However due to bacteria build up it is a good idea to replace your makeup on a fairly regular basis. Here are some of the most popular items and when you should be replacing them:

3 months:

  • Mascara (do not pump the brush in the tube! This will cause it to dry out sooner than 3 months)

3 – 6 month:

  • Gel & Liquid Eyeliners

6 – 12 months:

  • Lip Gloss (if it’s in a squeeze tube you can wait up to 12 months before replacing!)
  • Face Wash
  • Serums
  • Eye Cream

12 – 18 months:

  • Pencil Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Liquid Foundation, be sure to apply to a brush or sponge rather than using your fingertips to avoid contamination
  • Cream eye shadows
  • Nail Polish
  • Concealer (12 – 18 months), like foundation be sure to use a sponge or brush
  • Eye Brow Gel
  • Sunscreen

2 years:

  • Powder Eye Shadows
  • Powder Blushes
  • Powder Bronzers
  • Powder Foundation

Makeup brushes can last 1 – 5 years depending on quality and how well you take care of them. Keep your tools clean! This will increase the life of your product as well.

Are you ready to make the purge? Let me know how it goes (I’d be happy to recommend new products as well!)




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Weekly Beauty Tip

Many think to apply concealer before, however you should apply it after. The foundation on its own will cover many problem spots, you can then touch up and conceal where needed. Be sure to blend well with a sponge! I highly recommend Blenderful as an option.


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Coffee & Mascara

We all have our ‘go to’ products when it comes to beauty products, mine is mascara. No matter how tired I may feel, mascara (and a bit of coffee!) can perk me right up.

My personal faves?

What is your ‘go to’ product?


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LimeLight by Alcone Unboxing- Live Tomorrow!

As mentioned in my prior post, I recently signed up with LimeLight by Alcone. I am addicted to their Perfect Mascara, I find their Enduring Lip Color to be amazing and I love the pigmentation of the eye shadows. I’ve only sampled the skincare, however can’t wait to use it daily as I have enjoyed what I have tried and love the idea of chemical-free and naturally based skincare.

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(I’m seen here wearing the Perfect Mascara and Enduring Lip Color in Creme Brûlée)

I will do a live box opening tomorrow in my Facebook group, please come join me! I will share about the products I received and launch my first giveaway 🙂 I’ll also be available to answer questions you may have. If you miss the “live” I’ll be sure to upload it for replay. I hope we can connect!


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Kicking off a new blog as I start to explore more about the world of beauty.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of brands like Urban Decay, MAC, Benefit, Kat Von D Beauty and Bare Minerals. The former goth girl in me immediately adopted Urban Decay back in the 90s when they first came onto the scene, frequently found sporting Roach or Oil Slick. My favorite gloss pot was Carney when it wasn’t a dark red or black. As I matured and found myself moving into corporate America I toned down my looks (which to be fair were never that extreme) and moved towards neutrals, less liquid foundation, lighter lips, more powder bases, a bit more natural. However never gave up on mascara. mascara always.

My interest in makeup never wained, I tend to frequent Sephora just to look around and see what is new.  I also recently discovered a love of Ulta now that one is open within a dangerously close vicinity. However I’ve continued to stay fairly neutral outside my continued love of colorful eye liners from Urban Decay.

As I work my way towards my mid-40s I find myself looking deeper into skincare and wanting to have bit more fun with makeup again. When it comes to skin care I’ve tried Clinique (dries the crap outta my skin), I gave my friends at Rodan + Fields a shot for the past 6 months and never quite found my right regime, and now I am starting to move forward with LimeLight by Alcone. In all transparency, I recently signed up with them after trying their products for 6 weeks as I just fell in love. I am expecting the same quality of their skincare as I found in their make-up. More to come on that soon.

So what are my goals for this site? To share what I know and what I’ve learned over time. Beauty tips, thoughts on make-up I try, share out my interest in Limelight by Alcone. I look forward to interacting as well, learning from the audience, sharing experiences both ways.

I am by no means an expert, I am not a listed esthetician, I am not a professional makeup artist, just a middle age women exploring beauty. I hope you will hang out with me on my journey.



Note that links to LimeLight within this post are for my personal site as an Independent Beauty Guide.