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New Product Alert! LimeLight by Alcone Eye Aspire

EyeAspire_product info_img

In case you haven’t heard yet, LimeLight by Alcone is launching a new product on August 1! That is right, on August 1 we laugh the Eye Aspire eye serum. I can’t wait!!!

Eye Aspire reverses aging around the eyes, restoring youthful radiance. Key ingredients are Aspen Bark and Carob:

  • Aspen Bark: As an extract in skin care it is as a natural preservative. An excellent alternative to parabens as it protects your product from contamination. The extract also has a conditioning property that makes skin smooth and soft to the touch.
  • Carob: The Vitamin E that is found in carob powder is incredible for your skin. Vitamin E helps to keep skin healthy and it fights wrinkles.

This product will go fast, available now HERE